How to Choose Your Baby’s Humidifier?
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How to Choose Your Baby’s Humidifier?



    – Nursery humidifier mechanism

    – Nursery humidifier options

    – What about a dehumidifier for a baby’s room?

The humidifier is a device that regulates the humidity in the baby’s room. This is important if the atmosphere tends to be dry, with electric heating or carpeting, and the air is dehydrated depending on the climate. Beware of vacations in the mountains! You should know that a dry atmosphere favours the development of respiratory diseases.

For your baby to have a good night’s sleep and get rid of colds more quickly, you should consider buying a humidifier. Let’s take a look at how to choose one. 

Mechanism of the humidifier for baby’s room

 The room can be humidified by different devices that can emit: 

    – Hot steam (to avoid!): this is a device to be avoided in a child’s room because of the risk of burning and the room’s temperature rise. A too high temperature indeed supports the sudden death of the infant. 

    – Cold steam: in addition to humidifying the room, the device allows to lower the temperature in summer. The cost is about $50. 

    – Ultrasound: silent, designed for small rooms (remember to look at the surface covered), this device is often prized by parents. It needs a filter to be changed regularly to work properly. Expect to pay about $100. 

    – An evaporator: this unit adjusts to the ambient humidity level in the room during the night. This saves you from having to worry about adjustments. Expect to pay a little over $100 for this type of purchase. 

Good to know: if you only need a humidifier occasionally, for example, for a ski vacation, there is no need to invest. Put a water bowl on the cast iron radiator in your baby’s room. If it is an electric radiator, place a wet towel on a chair near the baby’s bed. Remember to wet it regularly. You can also consider an air saturator (about $3).

Nursery humidifier options

How to Choose Your Baby’s Humidifier?


 Humidifiers can include options, more or less useful:

    – Essential oil diffusion: essential oils can make the room smell nice and relieve some respiratory ailments (menthol, in particular). However, as essential oils are toxic for babies, it is necessary to wait until the child grows up to use this option. 

    – Variable flow rate: if you don’t have a device that works by evaporation, choose a humidifier whose flow rate you can adjust. You can then adapt it to your needs. 

    – The hygrometer: this is a device that tells you what the humidity level is in the room. For babies, it should be between 55 and 60%.

Note: you can buy a hygrometer before the humidifier. It will help you determine whether or not you need a humidifier for your baby’s room.

What about a dehumidifier for a baby’s room?

A room that is too humid is not suitable for a baby either. Too much humidity prevents mould development, which is harmful to health.

If your home is particularly humid, you should consider a good air dehumidifier. This device has a high cost: about $250.

A moisture absorber can be a much cheaper solution (about $20). However, it is much less effective.

Note: if you are a homeowner, it is better to deal with the humidity problem at the source, notably by better insulating your home.

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